We've introduced you before to Cosmogirl/Smith grad, young Leo, who blogs sweetly and often naively for Cosmopolitan while toiling in the big bad media jungle. And now she's unwittingly given us a blind item to guess at! So there was a media networking event last month, and... "One guy blogger even asked for my number. I gave it to him (he was totally charming), but I'm wary because two bloggers dating can spell disaster! He told me the story of a very public breakup that ended up all over the Internet and even made its way into the papers..." Update: Well, I feel dumb! Our very own videographer and tumblrblogger Richard Blakeley just walked over to my desk and confessed. It was him, and his breakup with Jezebel's Moe did end up in the Post, on Page Six...

OK! We want to know who this is, and it's Friday, and we're too hungover to think straight! How many guy bloggers have been in the "papers" (really?) for "very public breakups" recently?


Could it be Glamour's fired dudeblogger Mike Cherico? But he lives in L.A. Um... it couldn't possibly be Jakob Lodwick. (Could it?) And no, it's not former Gawker Joshua Stein—I just asked him. So: whose last breakup "ended up all over the Internet" in the papers? Halp!