When we were young, we assumed "The Hamptons" had something to do with a cartoon pig—now we are older and wiser and we know that it's a place on Long Island where rich people go, even though they can surely afford to go somewhere other than Long Island. Turns out, they're just going there to get away from all the goddamn Jews!

A synagogue in Westhampton Beach asked permission to put up an eruv. An eruv is a symbolic boundary that allows observant Jews to do stuff during Shabbos. It is literally a tiny wire that can go up along telephone poles or other failry unobtrusive places. Naturally, the residents of Westhampton want no part of this terrible Jewish plot.

Some Westhampton Beach gentile residents oppose the eruv because they fear it will attract more Orthodox Jews to the area.

Now the Post doesn't like "name" or "quote" anyone, and there's no evidence that they did any "reporting," but we're still more tha willing to buy the story. Because everyone hates the Jews again!

Like Cal State Long Beach psych professor Kevin MacDonald, who wrote a three-volume "critique of Judaism as a 'group evolutionary strategy'" that threatens "Europeans." MacDonald has a plan: ban Jews from college and up their taxes. Certain others have taken MacDonald's views to heart and recommended more efficient options of dealing with The Jewish Question. These political mavericks have a crazy plan to "exterminate" all the Jewish people! Though MacDonald is pretty sure the Jews just made up the Nazis to get people to be nice to them.

God it sucks when professors prove frothing anti-academia nutcases right.