Last week's Gossip Girl blew everyone's face off because, um, Serena confessed to being a murderess. So what will happen tonight, besides me squealing like an idiot for an hour straight? Well, of course, there's more to her stabby (I hope) secret, and, judging by a little teaser clip, Serena may tell more people than just Blair. Suddenly "best friends," Nate and Chuck are also there to help out, talking the blond off a (metaphorical, sadly) ledge. There's some other secret she won't tell them, and it leads one to wonder: what could possibly be worse than killing a person? My guess? Serena van der Woodsen did 9/11. Political! Or, you know, this clip is just a little bait and switch and doesn't have to do with killing people at all. Maybe she's a hooker! [From Us] Watch the "tantalizing" clip after the jump and judge for yourself.