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Lots of Googlers are leaving Google. To find out why, Fortune magazine profiled Sean Knapp, who along with friends left Google to cofound Web video startup Ooyala, "leaving behind the perks, the 20 percent time, and a combined seven-figure pile of unvested options." But as Blogoscoped notes, the most revealing part of Fortune's article is the bit where it describes Google Apps VP Dave Girouard's struggle to get anything done:

At Google, what you often end up with instead of resource allocation is a laissez-faire mess. Take, for example, the hassles Dave Girouard had to face. Girouard is vice president in charge of Google Apps, the company's fledgling initiative to sell Web-based software applications to businesses. He wanted some alterations to Gmail to make the email product more appealing to his corporate customers. To do that, he needed to lobby Gmail engineers, who don't work for him. He likens his efforts to a Peace Corps mission: all heart but little power to enforce his will. Yet while Girouard is begging for engineers, others, like the Ooyala founders, get blank-check offers.

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