So, sigh. I could focus on how dismayingly anticlimactic last night's Gossip Girl was. I mean, we had the whizbang cliff-hanger about murder from last week's episode. The show was on the up! Things were happening! And then, like the rushing downturn ("wunnnh") of music that came as Serena uttered her immortal line, we (or at least I) saw all that energy deflate last night. It was... just a drug overdose. Everyone knows about it now and Serena was totes not to blame. Plus mama Lily managed to, um, get in touch with the family of the dead guy on the same night that Serena told her and cart her over to their house to apologize. How exactly did that conversation go? "Hi there, I have the girl who left your son to die here with me. Yeah, she's my daughter. We're in the car, can we swing by? Great. See you in ten." That just felt terribly rushed and silly. OK. So. That's that. That was the bad (well, some of it). But in the spirit of absolutely everyone's forgiving natures last night, I'll instead point out some positives, after the jump.

First, Blair and Chuck are just fantastic. Yes, the camaraderie is getting weensy bit 90210 in its "oh look, everyone's now friends!" kinda way. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just seems a bit antithetical to the show's intended tone. All that considered, Blair and Chuck continue to have playful nasty streaks, best witnessed in the "Let's get the bitch" scene toward the end. I hope they continue this little (platonic-ish) courtship. Chuck could be the Valmont to Blair's Merteuil, and we'll get to reap the bitchy benefits.

Also, I must note, despite her being an Old, I can't help but find Kelly Rutherford increasingly delightful. It might simply be that her frequent acting partner, Matthew "Rufus the Laughable Rock Star" Settle, is just so ridiculous and frustrating by comparison, but there's something interesting there. I like the subtle undercurrent of melancholy and rebellion in her, seen even when she's not making googly eyes at ol' humble Humphrey. This might just be, you know, good acting, but maybe it's not! Maybe we'll get a mother-like-daughter Lily-goes-wild arc next season. (I mean, given the show's track record, it will only last for two episodes, but still.) So, good on you Kelly. You've almost made me care about the parents!

Also hugely positive about last night was that Serena and Dan, America's Most Boringest Couple, came ever closer to ending once and for all. Wicked Georgina! (Even wickeder, "haha I fooled you Richard, I still suck" Michelle Trachtenberg!) I don't exactly see how her stealing Dan tops revealing a secret death conspiracy, but, uh, sure. I'll take it. Georgina/Sarah might be boning Dan right now and hopefully Serena will discover it and take up with Dorota or something. Fingers crossed.

And another good thing was... Oh, fuck it. I can't keep up this miserable charade. The episode was really bad and disappointing. Hopefully next week's inevitable misfire won't be a complete let down. If it is, I'll have a hard time getting excited for the show's September 1st return. Even though they'll be in the Hamptons!

Oh, and, poor Lisa Loeb.