From the network that brought you such essential Hollywood lifestyle viewing as Hangin' With the Kardashians As They Talk About Makeup in Their Money-Laundering-Front Dress Shop comes a new reality series that should prove to be no less compelling. In this preview for E!'s Denise Richards: It's Complicated (original title: A Shot at Love with Denise Richards and Her Two Demi-Orphans As a Result of their Sex-Addict Father Running Off to Follow His Cheerleader Orgy Dreams and Falling For the Trampy Love of His Life in the Process), Richards discovers her page on celebrity STD-transmission tracker, and is forced to address some of the questionable life choices she's made.

As promised, this series will give the world an overdue glimpse at the real Richards—not the insane-seeming, fame-addicted, serial creep-dating cartoon that's portrayed in the tabloids, but the very real insane-seeming, fame-addicted, serial creep-dating cartoon who splits her leisure time between vanity-Googling sessions and validating rumors for reality show cameras.