Sure, we all endured the Rose Ceremony hoops, but was there really any doubt in our minds who Matt Grant—the most British Bachelor ever!—would choose at the end of his lady-shopping journey? The second he laid eyes on Lamas Family acting dynasty heiress Shayne Lamas, our funny-sounding Casanova was a goner. Sad as that was for first runner-up Chelsea, who was commended for her loveliness and offered her choice of Whirlpool appliances in exchange for her time, it resulted in a jackpot romantic payday for Shayne.

Not only was she His One, she was also the unwitting beneficiary of a new Bachelor contestant contract stipulation that sought to avoid a repeat of last year's gazebo bloodbath, in which no bachelorette (none!) was chosen. As Paragraph 27D clearly states, "The Bachelor MUST choose a bachelorette from the 25 lovely ladies chosen for him. The Bachelor MUST drop to one knee during the Final Rose ceremony. The Bachelor MUST present said Final Rose recipient with a diamond engagement ring (provided by the network). The Bachelor is NOT required to propose marriage at that time, but network reserves right to create the illusion of a proposal via looping, editing, and/or the use of a lookalike or stunt double." By the time the last digital seams are faded in post, the effect is astonishing: We defy you to differentiate between actual love and what you witness in the video above.