Celebrity lesbian scandal! Are those hickeys on Sapphic DJ Samantha Ronson's neck? And were they given to her by her musty old best friend, actress Lindsay Lohan? The pair, joined at the hip of late, was in Paris over the weekend, and close up photos like the one above have, of course, surfaced and people are, of course, in some sort of tizzy. The real thing to note about this, though, is how "meh" the whole Lohan camp has played it through all this speculation.

During the whole "Lindsay Ronson" Facebook reveal and the earlier "Get...away from my girlfriend" brouhaha, the freckled scarecrow never really made a peep, to deny or otherwise. Unlike her male counterparts, like former boybander JC Chasez and his possible roommate/lover Chace Crawford (from Gossip Girl, natch), who doth protest too much, it's (can't believe I'm going to say this) almost admirable that Lohan has chosen to take the high road on this one. Of course, she could just be a crazy person who doesn't have any sense of how to handle her PR and her career (this is very, very likely). Or! She's an almost-cool "eh, fuck it" lesbian-type. That would be a fun development in the mostly tired Lohan saga, no?

Image from Splash.