Hiding in Hip Hop, entertainment industry vet Terrance Dean's coy tell-all book about the gay secrets of famous people in the music world and Hollywood at large, has not exhausted all of its blind items. Not by a long shot. And I was forced to read (a large portion of) this book, so I plan to bring these gay celebrity blind items to you, the curious masses. Today: the lesbians! And at least one is very obvious:

  • Dean talks about people he knew who used to frequent a lesbian club in LA. "A few times, I spotted "Asia," a 1990s female R&B singer who had an amazing voice and a number of widely successful ballads during that time. She started as a background singer, but her powerful voice proved she needed to be up front as a solo artist. Her short body was topped with her huge, curly hair. Asia made a number of love songs, and her claim to fame was her rendition of a sexy remake of a song originally done by an '80s icon."
  • "There was a beautiful television sitcom actress, 'Daisy,' and her actress best friend, 'Lisa.' These two women have been friends for a number of years and are always together. Daisy had done a number of successful sitcoms and got her start in a Broadway musical. Her multirange vocals were often showcased on one of the sitcoms she co-starred on. She often plays a fiery and fiesty character...However, I suspected that Lisa, a former singer and popular comedic actress, was at the club only as support for her."
  • "There were also a host of WNBA players, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. It's always been rumored that most of the women in the WNBA are lesbians."
  • "'I don't give a fuck!' a curvaceous woman yelled. 'She better bring her ass over here!' Everyone turned around to see who was making such a fuss. It was award-winning female rapper/ actress, 'Sheena.'...This wouldn't be the first or last time I'd see or hear about this female rapper/ actress attacking her partners...When she made an appearance on Keenen [Ivory Wayans'] show, I couldn't imagine her being as violent as I had seen her that night because she was the nicest and sweetest person. She had a striking presence, but it was really her walk that made her appear as if she was pimping."
  • "Lola was an R&B singer/ songwriter who had recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. She was a staple on the New York scene, partying with big name celebrities. Her skills caught the likes of super duper producers DeVante Swing of Jodeci, Stevie J, and Dallas Austin. She'd made a noteworthy album, and the critics were eating her up. Her style was a hard-edged rap with a little rock and R&B. Her new single topped the charts and was receiving a lot of airplay...
  • As much as Lola wanted to be a trailblazer and open doors for other gay artists, she was still part of a machine. Lola had to do what the label told her to do. She was still at their mercy and on their dollar. In videos and on album covers, her look was softened with dramatic makeup, luxurious hair, and seductive clothing. It was like night and day seeing her transformation."