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It seems like only yesterday our souls smoldered with the consideration of E!'s Going Postal: 15 Most Shocking Acts of Violence, which featured such eye-popping entertainments as Columbine video footage and Virginia Tech massacre flashbacks interwoven with frequent teases for The Soup and E! News. We could hardly wait for the phenomenon to return — say, with something like ROFL: America's Most Heinous Animal Abuse or maybe the rollicking Joel McHale special Molestered. We'll settle, however, for this Friday's ambitious premiere THS Investigates: Dating Nightmares:

From online predators to obsessive stalkers to violent lovers, THS Investigates: Dating Nightmares delves into the dark side of looking for love in today's complex world and explores a range of real-life tragedies that show just how diverse and deadly the risks of dating can be.

This unforgettable episode features heart-felt interviews with parents and friends who lost loved ones to infatuations gone awry, like the tragedy of 13-year-old Kacie Woody, who was deceived by a 47-year-old man she met online, and Peggy Klinke, who was stalked and ultimately killed by her obsessive ex-boyfriend.

Best of all, the episode concludes with the first! television! interview! with Nushawn Williams, who has been doing time for "spreading the HIV virus across upstate New York to several different women he dated." OMG! Just like on Punk'd! Get the popcorn! Stay tuned next month for the racy, ribald Sex in the Holocaust, with juicy tidbits from survivors and their children — only on E! These guys are on a roll.