Database administrator (temporary), Google, contracted through WorkforceLogic

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Key responsibilities:

General administration on database systems which includes maintaining data stores, schema objects, security and access privileges, software installation and configuration.

Why so bad?

A tipster tells us:

My officemates friend out of college got hired by Google, and first day there he got put in a tent-cube outside with random people. You face another person smaller than a conference room table across. Rows and rows, and he wasn't even in the right group. So you sit with people who have nothing to do with you.

Also, we hear:

Everybody is a "sysadmin" these days, so companies don't pay nearly as much. It's the new ghetto tech.

Also: Don't forget that working this position you won't be a "real" Googler. Real Googlers won't!

Estimated pay: $70,000. Apply!

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(Photo by revdancatt)