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Two things I'm noticing about cock-spying New York Post columnist of evil Andrea Peyser: first, her columns are something like 300 words long. Even Post readers could be expected to puzzle through a bit more than that. Second, she's a racist, past even an ironic point of amusement. That's not news, but it does make for some harsh reading first thing in the morning. It's hard to tell whether she's a just-showing-off Ann Coulter-style racist, or a real nitty gritty racist from birth, but either way, she gets the job done. For racism! Today, she takes a bold, racist stance on rappers, what with all their shooting guns and hurling Blackberries and who knows what else. They're not even people; they're just "things":

This time, the rapper was something that calls herself Remy Ma, who was sentenced yesterday to a mere eight years in prison for shooting a friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, because she thought the woman took money.

"Motherf- - -er!"

No, that wasn't Remy. That was something who calls himself Papoose

[via the Post, something that calls itself a paper]