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It's difficult enough to note the end of another seemingly rock-solid Hollywood relationship when the two parties are willing to at least admit that yes, they were involved. But how does one go about relaying the sad news that a love is no more, when the love was never outwardly acknowledged in the first place? What's that you say? By ceasing to be such a busybody and allowing them to lead their private lives in private? But we simply cannot do that! This is Jodie Foster we're talking about—and her beautiful Cydney!

[T]he National Inquirer [sic] magazine claims the pair have now parted ways.

A source is quoted in the publication as saying: "Jodie's break up with Cydney is shocking.

"She and Cydney have been together for so many years and have two children together - the potential fallout and legal wrangling from this could be monumental."

Assuming the Enquirer isn't wrong about this—and, let's face it, they rarely are—we must say we find the development devastating. For if two strong, glass-closeted, 40-something women with kids can't make it in this crazy world, what chance do the rest of us have? Excuse us for a moment, will you, while we seal ourselves inside our "Oh My God—We're Going To Die Alone!" Panic Room (aka the couch, with a Costco-sized Pringles tube and a DVRful of Divorce Court) until the wolves of despair journey on.