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When we first listed tech's 10 best workspaces, we downplayed the importance of design and amenities. The crowd disagrees. It favors beer. Digg's beer, to be exact. 1,505 voted in our poll, and 28 percent chose the social news site's workspace and its fridge full of beverages as the best workspace in tech. Were the poll's results skewed because it hit the Digg front page? Possibly. But maybe second and third place finishers Pixar and Google should have thought about such consequences when they decided what businesses to get in. The full list, selected from Office Snapshots, ranked by readers:

  1. Digg
  2. Pixar
  3. Googleplex
  4. Tocquigny
  5. Google Zürich
  6. IAC
  7. Six Apart
  8. Netflix
  9. Etsy
  10. Gawker Media