Journalism students in Reno, Nevada (they have schools there?) are all going to sign a symbolic ethics pledge tomorrow, thus guaranteeing forever the survival and viability of journalism in America. The story is kind of too sad to even make fun of. Except not really! They're having a reception in the atrium of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada and all the seniors will solemnly promise to not make stuff up. If they ever get jobs. That's what's been wrong this whole time! We forgot to make all the reporters put their hands on bibles before filing stories!

The pledge reads in part: "I will uphold and apply the highest standards of integrity and ethics. This includes helping others by minimizing harm and showing compassion.... I will act independently and be accountable for my actions."

In the unlikely event I eventually get a decent job with a real newspaper, I will accept my inevitable buyout with grace and good humor. If I go into TV, I will genuflect to Tim Russert and accept his disdain with pride. I will not blog.

All 72 members of the class are expected to sign the pledge, according to Editor and Publisher, and then Journalism will be saved hooray!