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This just in—an official statement from Rob Reiner on today's history-making California Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage:


"Our nation was founded on the principle that all people are created equal. Today's decision is a huge step toward fulfilling that promise.

"Celebration is certainly called for, but the fight for equality is far from over.

"Court decisions may guarantee equality under the law, but the real struggle is for the tolerance of our fellow Americans.

"This decision by a majority-Republican court signals that it's time to put this kind of discrimination and bigotry behind us.

"Unfortunately, not everyone will hear the court's message. Already, here is a campaign being organized to overturn this decision at the ballot box. Californians must put an end to this sort of cynical and divisive politics once and for all.

"California has led our nation so many times before. I hope that once again we set an example that the nation will follow."

This concludes Meathead's statement on the California gay marriage ruling. Defamer Fun Fact: Rob Reiner is the spitting image of our Uncle Harvey, a dentist from Toronto. We're not even kidding! It's like they were separated at birth!