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· "George Clooney to 'Stare at Goats.'" You know what, George? That sounds like a terrific idea. [Variety]
· William Morris has spearheaded a $100 million fund to produce features, which they know they should spend wisely on a number of sensible, moderately budgeted indies—but which they'll totally blow on one blockbuster stinker about the Alien Space Rabbit Olympics! [Variety]
· Well, that's the end of upfronts—a spectacular week of press releases, little get togethers at studio offices, and at least one Fox fondue party that the boys from Procter & Gamble are still buzzing about! Now it's time for the networks to wave goodbye to all that East Coast glamour, roll up their sleeves, and deliver on all the delicious promises they've made! [Variety]

· Rob Estes gets work—on 90210, no less!—which should keep the paychecks rolling in until his network gets canceled. [THR]
· Pitch Perfect, comedy based upon the book of the same name about the competitive world of college a cappella groups, will be An Elizabeth Banks Production for Universal. Go Whiffenpoofs! (The only one we can name off hand.) [THR]