· Today on The View, Teri Hatcher explained that the only reason she is subjecting us to her singing is for the little children. Well the little children are all dead now, Teri. Your singing killed them. Happy? [The View]
· Homeless no longer! [NY Times]
· Goodness, is it already time to crown another World's Ugliest Dog? It is! But how to choose? They're all so ugly! Oops, Pee Wee Martini just made us puke on our keyboards. We have a winner. [Sonoma-Marin Fair 2008]
· And when you get accustomed to that end, try the other! [cartoonbrew.com via b3ta]
· If we could get serious for a moment, Richard Simmons is crazy for Cranergy. He will be missed. [ET Online]