Last week we wondered loudly if this season of America's Next Top Model had been fixed. A plus-sized model won and all and yeah, yeah isn't that great. Some people, though, smelled a rat. Did she really deserve to win? Was this just producer plotting to make the show seem more fair? In much the same way that rumors have been circulating that, per producer decree, a woman has to win this (the fourth) season of Top Chef, critics have suggested that the show, after umpteen "cycles" featuring plus-sized girls, predetermined that a "larger" model would win this season. A token, if you will. Adding to the fervor is the Seventeen magazine cover shoot that the winner, Whitney Thompson, received as a prize. Does she really look like a size 14, as she claims she is? Did she just pack on pounds to be The Plus-Sized and then drop weight again after the victory, as some have suggested? Having little to no knowledge of sizes and whatnot (boys!), tell me: does she look like a size 14 in these photos? I'm sure some airbrushing occurred, but does she look anything close to her purported size? It would be something of a scandal if the whole thing was, you know, staged. Click to enlarge (heh) the photo. (More at Mollygood.)