Last week we posited that the new Real World: Brooklyn would be filmed in Williamsburg, but suggested that the infamous hipster paradise that is the McKibbin "dorms" in Bushwick would be a better environment. Well, it looks like MTV is, in fact, not listening to us. The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the show is going to be filmed in downtown Brooklyn. Well, allegedly. The producers admitted to looking at a large apartment building called the BellTell Lofts (ooo, lofts! hip!) in the decidedly ho hum Brooklyn business and fancy courtroom district.

Though, they won't say this is definite, and do confirm that they're considering a lot of other safe, white borough neighborhoods like Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, and DUMBO. Proximity to Manhattan is apparently a concern for the producers (and yet they also say they've been looking at Coney Island?), but they are totes committed to Brooklyn and its "cachet" and "vibrancy." Isn't "vibrancy" TV-code for "ethnic"? Ain't that much ethnic about Brooklyn Heights or Carroll Gardens or most of Park Slope at this point. Sigh. This sure-to-be disaster stumbles on. [Via Gothamist]