Remember that brief moment this spring when everyone was saying Microsoft-Yahoo was a sure thing? That was when ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley must have put the finishing touches on her new book, Microsoft 2.0. On page 4, Foley writes: "This is a book on Microsoft's next chapter. It's going to be an unpredictable one, as Microsoft's purchase of Yahoo earlier this year makes evident." Committing the purchase to ink on paper was foolish of Foley, no matter what the odds were on Microsoft buying Yahoo, since even a clean deal would likely have taken a year to close.

The back cover also manages to misspell the URL of Robert Scoble's Scobleizer blog. Old Microsoft hands like Foley know to wait until the third version of any Microsoft product, since it takes the software giant that long to get things right. Sounds like readers should do the same for her book.

Closeups of the pages, from a tipster:

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