Former Dartmouth lecturer Priya Venkatesan famously tried to sue all her students for being mean to her. Now, as a researcher at Northwestern, she's probably less likely to have her academic feathers ruffled by entitled little Ivy frosh retching at talk of power structures. But she does still have to deal with their student newspapers digging up embarrassing things about her. Embarrassing things like... her senior thesis. It's called Montaigne and Macbeth: Rebellion, Gender and Patriarchy in the Renaissance. Of course.

Unfortunately the lame-o editorialist at the Dartmouth Review doesn't except much of it. He's too busy castigating post-modernism and comparative lit and feminists, because he is soooo smart and controversial. (Also: his name is Weston and he uses his middle initial.)

But here's the first line:

"The Renaissance is a period characterized by many scholars as a critique of medieval and religious scholaticism [sic] that concerned itself with the study and revision of certain aspects of ancient civilization in the realm of art, literature, law, historiography, and political theory."

Well. We can see how that outraged her students so much!

Anyway the rest of the essay is about MacBeth and the patriarchy and also how everyone should stop being mean to Priya Venkatesan.

Venkatesan's Thesis: Sound and Fury [DartReview]