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Steven Tyler: 60, and in rehab. And not just any rehab, but Pasadena's Las Encinas Hospital of Celebrity Rehab fame where Dr. Drew practices. While his reps have yet to release a statement, using nothing but Aerosmith song titles, we'll now attempt to reconstruct exactly what happened: "Permanent Vacation" "Livin' On the Edge" "Monkey On My Back" "Push Comes To Shove" "My Fist Your Face" "You See Me Crying" "S.O.S. (Too Bad)" "Shame, Shame, Shame" "No More No More" "Sick As a Dog" "Jig Is Up" "Darkness" "I Wanna Know Why" "Crash""I'm Down" "Get a Grip" "Hole In My Soul" "Something's Gotta Give" "Attitude Adjustment" "Jesus Is on the Main Line"