Joshua David Stein, foodie and blogger, was none too kind about annoying old Lisa in his Top Chef recap this morning. Is she really an insufferable annoyance, full of negativity and back-stabbery? According to our readers, yes! One tipster seconds Josh's emotion, saying that Lisa is "sour and just generally pissed off." Well, all right then! Won't argue with you there. Full tipster email after the jump.


I wish I could comment to this posting but I do not have an account. I know Lisa or rather I have been subject to her presence at a few of her co-hosted "dinner parties". Not only does she make shit for food but her mere presence at a dinner party was enough to take the appetite from a starving homeless man. She is so sour and just generally pissed off. It's such a contrast because her parents are beyond cool and her sister is actually gorgeous and very personable.