Hey, we love to talk about Jason Preston, fashion designer Marc Jacobs' dim former hooker boyfriend/fiance/friend/who the fuck knows. And now he's going to talk about us! Well, only a little. Two of the boys from NewNowNext, Logo's news outlet, sat down with the geigh-about-town recently, and asked him to address the rumors (often perpetuated by yours truly) surrounding his relationship with Jacobs and dish about summer trends and reality television (he's "working on" getting his own show. He's "in talks" for his own "New York version of The Hills.") He says he doesn't read or care about the gossip, and that he often looks "like a bum" in Dior boots and Diesel jeans! (What does that make me, a rotting corpse?) Also, he has lots of people who love him! Sigh. He's just as dense and (drug?) addled as one would expect. And, of course, he shows off the famous Mariah Carey tattoo emblazoned across his abs. Ugh. I don't mean to be too hard on him, I just can't really abide people who buy into their own (kinda non-existent) hype. In the immortal words of Lucas, "what's with today, today?" Video of the interview after the jump.