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"The switched on are switching off," reports the Sydney Morning Herald's Jill Serjeant, who interviewed Internet addicts to ask them how they're fighting back. All very interesting. But we prefer the bits where her sources talk about their symptoms— like how they sometimes blog in their dreams or on the toilet. It helps us feel normal. Check out the whole list below and then, please, share with us your tales of hitting rock bottom.

  • "I have dream blogged. I have surfed the Internet in my dreams sometimes."
  • "If I start hearing imaginary incoming message chimes on my computer when I am out in the backyard, it tells me I have spent too much time online."
  • "I would wake up six hours later and find I was watching videos of puppies on YouTube. I associate that kind of time loss with blackouts when you're drunk."
  • Some addicts take their laptops to the bathroom.
  • Some text while driving.
  • Others check their email during dinner.

(Photo by tacvbo)