It is spring, the season of fecundity. With that in mind, parenting website Babble presents us with 45 reasons to have a child—now! (I can think of only one: tax write-off.) We've highlighted four and added one of our own. Hey, did you know? These days, you can "buy a breast pump the size of a stopwatch."

1. You can also watch TV! "Between classic kids' shows on DVD (like Sesame Street: Old School and Schoolhouse Rock) and revivals, like the new Electric Company, you can re-live your childhood favorites while you watch your kids fall in love with Bert and Ernie."

2. Because it's easier to subject him or her to horrible music: "You Can Share Mix CDs
There's plenty of music that spans generations, but it's even easier to find common musical ground now that indie musicians like They Might Be Giants, Stephin Merritt and Kimya Dawson are releasing children's albums."

3. When in doubt, blame a troubled, mentally unstable former child star: "There's Always a Worse Parent In the News. No matter what you do wrong, you'll always be able to point to Britney's latest fiasco and say, 'Well, at least I didn't do that!'"

4. "Cloth diapers are easier to use and prettier than ever."

5. You'll be temporarily removed from the workforce—and trust us, we're scheming to steal your job.

[Photo: The Human Pacifier]

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