Hello friends! It's a short day for us here at Gawker HQ (i.e. my bed), but we've still got time for some blind items. Who's a drug addict? Who's secretly a geigh? Who's cheating on his wife? It sounds like we're at a ten year high school reunion, but we are, in fact, talking about celebrities. Those rich rarefied types who hang out at weird places like the Chateau Marmont and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and handbag stores. Bizarro! Read about three celebrity antics (plus a snippet of one of Ted Casablanca's strange Aramaic incantations) after the jump.

1) "Which TV star and former drug addict is back on the white stuff and taking more than ever, even though she insists she's going straight?" [Mirror]

2) "Judging by the way this formerly married male singer with a reality television past was being mobbed by D list women you would think his current long term relationship was over. Judging by the amount of phone numbers he collected from said women, it very well could be." [Crazy Days and Nights]

3) "This B+ film actor is thisclose to being A list. Not only starring in big popcorn flicks, but also big award winning films as well. Portrayed to the media as a strong heterosexual, on the set of his latest film, he fell in love... with a guy. They now live together." [CDaN]

4) "Traceless Turncoat, our ol' backstabbing TV babe, who's made quite the career outta selling out her boob-tube amigos (for cash and prizes, mind you) has been—horrors!—behaving herself, as of late. Too boring for words. But, wouldn't ya know it: Word got back to T.T. that her network's higher-ups were perfectly aware she'd turned herself into a Jackie Collins version of Benedict Arnold, and that she'd better cool it. That, she did..." [Read the rest.]