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"If we have 10 percent better connectivity in the U.S., we get 10 percent more revenue in the U.S.," Google cofounder Larry Page told the FCC. He argued in short, that what's good for Google is good for America, speaking in favor of opening unlicensed spectrum known as "white spaces" between television broadcast frequencies. The National Association of Broadcasters and major sports leagues are opposed to the measure, with the NAB citing the FCC's failed tests of equipment made by Microsoft in 2007.

Google's wireless dreams have been thwarted at every turn, from the botched Wi-Fi effort with Earthlink to Verizon reneging on open-access provisions after the spectrum auction. I doubt Page's blatant desire to line his own pockets will win the FCC over. Perhaps he should refine his pitch and mention the possibility of 10 percent more campaign donations. (Photo by Danny Sullivan)