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Some guys really know how to turn on the charm. Take CAA agent Dan Aloni for example, who reps directors Christopher Nolan, Michel Gondry and Tom Shadyac (among others) and who we hear recently talked his way right off the Fox lot after a tiff with Fox Atomic production boss Debbie Liebling. It seems everything was going just fine until Aloni bellowed something about Liebling being "a stupid fucking cunt" — which was enough for Peter Chernin himself to reportedly ban all of CAA from the lot until the Death Star gets its loose cannon in line. But we also hear that might take a while. Why?

Because we're told that the paragons of feminism at CAA, less than a month removed from throwing a birthday party for ex-con Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, attempted to sweep the contretemps under the rug after their $15 million man Aloni apparently lied about and then offered a "token apology" for his outburst. Meanwhile, other female execs at Fox (including Fox 2000 president Liz Gabler) corroborated the agent's abusive tradition, driving Chernin to act.

It was only last fall that Chernin's thinly veiled CAA wariness showed up in a Fortune profile of the agency ("They have put themselves in a place where they just have so much control over the business. ... Of course, that's not always to the good of companies like mine, but certainly as an outside admirer you have to admire their strategic thinking"), and everyone in town knows there's more where that came from. The scope and length of this Cold War has yet to be determined, meanwhile, but don't hesitate to send us your educated guesses.