We all know that HBO producer Cynthia Mort is probably actress Jodie Foster's new girlfriend. But we forgot that she was such a defender of naked man-buttocks! She told the Observer last fall, in an article about male nudity in TV and film, that male on-screen nakedness was the new frontier in television she fully intended to conquer:

Mort said of a scene in her show, the sexually frank "Tell Me You Love Me," where we see a man's penis:

"A guy's penis is the same as a woman's breast or vagina. I don't understand the difference in respect to showing something. But people really do freak out about the guys."

"There is a moment of shock," she admitted. "But I really believe it's less about women having to do it, or men having to do it, but more that there is no reason any longer to not show what you need to show—male or female. Guys just have to get used it. That's just the way it is."

Hear that, guys? Get used to it.

On another note, there seems to be some confusion about Mort's age: the Observer reported it as 47, the Daily Mail reported her to be 33, and another gossip site said she was 51.

Members Only [NY Observer]
[Photo: Daily Mail]