Remember Craig and Janine, the seemingly completely clueless Southern couple (a geigh and his beard) who just moved to New York to pursue their acting dreams and who document their struggles on YouTube? Yeah, well, we've lots of good information over time that they were, in fact, fakes. Brilliantly done (if at times a tad too over the top) fakes. And now a helpful critter has pointed us in the direction of the real Janine, a young actress and recent NYU grad named Lauren Marcus. And, heh, she went to the same high school as our dear friend Julia Allison, née Baugher (and Charlton Heston and Donald Rumsfeld). I gotta hand it to you Lauren, it's really a virtuoso performance. The daffy, dimwitted, shrieky Janine is both irritating and likable, relatable and ridiculously silly. Brava! See some of "Janine"s best work after the jump.