How did the blogs which reposted Bambi Francisco's interview with CBS Interactive's Mike Marquez all miss the obvious subtext? Francisco spends much of the interview asking about the company's plans for future acquisitions, getting Marquez to share that they are looking to purchase and partner with anything video-related, particularly well-produced, professional content. Kind of like!

Francisco worked for as a reporter for MarketWatch when it was part-owned by CBS, and also worked as a business anchor for San Francisco's KPIX, which is wholly owned by parent network CBS. But that was before an article by CNET reporter Greg Sandoval exposed her ownership stake in the online video startup focused on "innovators" and her financial relationship with Clarium Capital's Peter Thiel, a investor. Sandoval called into question her journalistic independence. Francisco resigned from MarketWatch, now owned by Dow Jones.

In the video clip, Francisco seems to ask a tough question about whether the $5 million acquisition of Wallstrip was "worth it." But when Marquez exclaims that — the project from the Wallstrip producers featuring former Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell — is "doing extremely well," Francisco doesn't challenge it. While we've enjoyed Campbell's hardboiled reporting, we hear the show is struggling to attract viewers. And the show's YouTube channel hasn't cracked five figures in views.

But the most entertaining consequence if CBS were to buy would be the prospect of Francisco and Sandoval meeting at a company picnic. Awkward!