Emily Gould, Day 9. The former Gawker editor turned New York Times Magazine covergirl (the article mentioned breakups and blogs) has childhood frenemies coming out of the woodwork! Second Skin interrupts their film's blog to let us know about a younger Emily, who was, not surprisingly, quite the little firecracker in middle school. Her antics occasionally resulted in backlash such as "An entire bottle of Sprite. Right on her head."

I first heard her name half a lifetime ago. Best buddy Chris had just been brutally dumped by one Emily Gould at a middle school dance. Her words- "There are other fish in the sea, Chris. Bloop bloop." I paid it little mind, though the line became legendary among my friends.

Less than a year later, my brother started dating Emily. Being in high school while he was in middle, I never met her. I can't imagine it lasted that long- a week? A few? Really the only thing worth remembering is their break up. Though the specifics evade me, she managed to make my brother so angry, he poured an entire bottle of Sprite on her head.

My pacifist brother Juan. An entire bottle of Sprite. Right on her head.

Emily tells us, "I don't think it was an entire bottle of Sprite."

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[Photo: Nikola Tamindzic/Home of the Vain]