Yesterday I posted an item about the sad Sex and the City ballad of handbag designer (and bestie of cewebrity Julia Allison) Mary Rambin. You see, the fetching young lady was viciously not allowed into the film's premiere and abandoned by her two friends, Julia and socialite Meghan Asha. Mary, as it turns out, bothered to read the claptrap and has decided to post a rebuttal. Well, OK, not so much a rebuttal as a Vimeo video in which she reads (sort of) the whole post aloud while Jules throws compliments at her from off-camera. I'm not really sure if she's being sarcastic or being a good sport and playing along or what, but I love it! This should happen more often. It's like books on tape. Except instead of being read by Jim Dale, the posts are read by drunk (hopefully! "glaze"!) New York City It girls. So the first installment of Audio Gawker, Mary Rambin Shot Down at 'Sex and the City' Premiere produced by Julia Allison and read by Mary Rambin, awaits you after the jump. Also, Tinsley Mortimer! If you're reading this, please please please do one. I could die happy.