Former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan has a new book about how George Bush's White House is full of liars and cads. Have you heard? Oh, also the President was totally a cokehead, maybe. He can't remember. But probably. People continue to weigh in! Matt Cooper (a reporter involved, you may remember, in the Plamegate thing) feels sorry for Scott McClellan, because when Karl Rove lied to Scotty and then Scotty repeated that patently obvious lie to the press (he's not very smart), all of his credibility disappeared. Cooper also thinks the book would be better if McClellan had QUIT IN DISGUST after the Plame affair instead of hanging around until they found a more well-liked replacement. MEANWHILE, Radar insinuates that McClellan stuck around to have man-sex with male hooker Jeff Gannon. (Attached, a now sad clip of Bush insisting that some day he and Scotty will be sitting on rocking chairs or something, when they're old, drinking space-lemonade, and Bush will still say "job well done.")