I may have implied earlier today, in our fun photo gallery, (and on many other occasions) that some of the male stars of TV's bitchy uptown soap Gossip Girl like to touch other boys' privates. Yeah, I like to joke/desperately hope that they're gay. But mounting photo evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Ed Westwick likes to smooch women in bed, Connor Paolo (who plays resident gay Erik van der Woodsen on the show) is a red-blooded seventeen-year-old (yikes!) breeder who likes to grind up ons young ladies (thanks for the photo, tipster), and Chace Crawford (the gayyyyyest one) likes to rub his face all over girls at bars. So, sigh, there you have it. Or! Maybe these guys just have very talented publicists! Click thru for larger image, plus another uncomfortable image from our previously mentioned tipster.