Guys we LOVE our new governor! Thank Roger Stone the abrasive other guy got caught up in that hooker thing because that's really the only way we could've ended up with this awesome black and blind dude who is compulsively honest. AND, it turns out, gay-friendly! He decided the state of the New York would recognize gay marriages performed in California, and he compared the gay rights battle to the African-American civil rights battle, which, as the Times notes, "put him at odds with some black leaders, who bristle at such comparisons." Yes, they do. Why did Governor Paterson do it?

Because he had some awesome gay uncles as a kid! Or "Uncles." Little David occasionally stayed with Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ronald up in Harlem, and the couple never even tried to turn him gay or anything! Now, of course, New York's richest and most coupled gays will venture to California to have appallingly expensive and garish weddings, just like their straight brothers and sisters. Just in time for Sex and the City day! Equality! [NYT]