Billionaire Publisher Felix Dennis Blames Accidental Murder Confession on "5 Bottles of Wine"

Remember Felix Dennis, the kooky billionaire British magazine publisher who gave us Maxim? He recently admitted (while admittedly drunk) to having "killed a man" in an interview. (He later took it back, post-interview and post-sobering up.) For an new interview in Business Week, Jon Fine asks the tough questions in an attempt to clear up the murder thing: "I'll just be blunt. Have you murdered anybody?"

BW: I will ask one final question about it.

FD: You can ask it but I won't answer it.

BW: Do as you wish. Why say such a thing to a journalist?

FD: Have you ever drunk 5 bottles of wine? I think I could get you to say just about anything you wanted.,

BW: I don't think I would have said that.

FD: I think I could have got you to say it after five bottles of wine.

Fine just emailed us, so we know he's OK. Shall we look forward to an If I Did It book?

[Business Week]