As Mother Ketch, god rest her soul (I killed her), always said, "The world needs ditch diggers, too." I never did fancy she meant commenters. Ones who make a stupid comment, then get themselves in deeper trouble by either constantly defending their stupidity, or being stupider. It's like watching a performance art piece, if "art" was defined as "displaying a lack of cognitive function and/or social decency." Follow me after the jump, and witness two doomed souls considerate enough to dig their own graves.

Executed: HamptonShmampton
Hole: Starting with a sexist comment that reveals your own insecurities about and hatred towards the lasses is bad enough. But man, you just went off the deep end trying to get yourself out of it. Here's a tip: Don't try to have sex anymore. It won't be that hard, just continue being you.

Executed: Incher_George
Hole: You read sixteen tons of drivel defending racist commenters, and what do you get? Another day older and deeply annoyed by the entire concept of blog commenting. That's the song I started to hum as I waited for you to just come out and say that you miss the 1850's. I'm letting you know this because humming people are obviously taking their time, and thus incapable of knee-jerk reactions. Although my "knee" would probably "jerk" until it cracked your "solar plexus" if any of this were real.

"That's it for the public executions this week," said Ketch, without further explanation.