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In honor of today's opening of Sex and the Movie—yet another beloved franchise sure to be ruined by the unseen hand of ghostproducer George Lucas, who'll insist the fabulous four be beamed into the heavens to spread their shoe-shopping, man-bagging secrets among higher life-forms—we thought we'd round-up all the mean Sex stuff we could find floating around the web:
· A Defamer reader hoping to secure tickets online was taken aback by the mean Fandango rollover-bot, who took it upon itself to warn audiences that seeing the familiar quartet four years later and on a giant movie screen might prove to be a traumatic experience. [Fandango]
· Yes, we're pretty sure Rex Reed's review is the meanest thing we've ever read, particularly the part where he expresses a hope that the "moths in [Sarah Jessica] Parker's stupid hat get butterfly AIDS and die." (Note: He didn't actually say that, but it's still unbelievably mean.) [NY Observer]

· Wow. This is really, really mean! [ via BWE]
· Then again, at least they don't accuse her of looking like a "skeletal transvestite." (Last paragraph.) []
· And that America's Got Talent judge who won Celebrity Apprentice thinks Parker is "ghastly ... I've seen better looking winos underneath the arches at Charing Cross." And trust us—Charing Cross has some of the least attractive arch-winos in all of England! []
· Even congenitally nice Canadians have hopped aboard the meanwagon: "After all, bad summer films, full of furious hype and signifying nothing, are hardly exceptional these days, nor is the sound they typically make: the dull scrape of a culture hitting rock bottom. Yet this one seems uniquely bad; this one is a threshold-breaker with a different sound, the crack of rock-bottom giving way to a whole deeper layer of magma." [Globe and Mail]