Former President Bill Clinton is 61 years old and had a quadruple-bypass in 2004, so he probably should not be partying at all hours with people like Steve Bing and secret Radar owner Ron Burkle. But, as the new Vanity Fair says, he's still globe-trotting with this pack of zillionaires with odd and scandalous lives. The story opens at a Paris wedding. Clinton is attending, along with Burkle—the supermarket magnate who helped make post-presidential Bill Clinton a wealthy man. Burkle was with a girl who another guest described as "not much older than 19, if she was that." Clinton flew in on the private jet of real-estate heir Steve Bing, whose own life of scandal is summed up thusly:

Steve Bing, whose colorful private life includes fathering a child out of wedlock with the actress Elizabeth Hurley and suing the billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian for invasion of privacy, alleging that private investigators for Kerkorian swiped Bing's dental floss out of his trash in a successful effort to prove that Bing's DNA matched that of a child delivered by Kerkorian's ex-wife, the former tennis pro Lisa Bonder.

Now. There isn't any proof that Bill's been engaging in his usual sexual escapades since he left the White House. But he's certainly been associating with colorful characters, and clearly not giving a shit about (or even noticing) the appearance of impropriety. Ron Burkle's his best bud, why shouldn't he fly around on "Air Fuck One" with various young models and NYU students?

ANYWAY the problem is that Clinton's "counselor," or his top aide, or his "butt boy," is this guy Doug Band, who is quite good at making sure Clinton gets to work on time but really not very good at keeping him away from bad influences.

The story (written by Todd Purdum, husband to former Clinton press secretary DeeDee Myers), also lists nearly every woman Clinton has been associated with since he left office, from Gina Gershon to that Canadian parliament member to some lady on an elevator. Naturally, Clinton's office wasn't too happy with the piece.

(Oddly, Radar has not mentioned this story!)

(BTW, Ron Burkle owns Radar)