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Some secret Japanese government files have emerged about Tadamasa Goto, the Yakuza gangster boss who's threatened the life of American reporter Jake Adelstein and his family. And—we hate to say it—but it really sounds like Goto is not a guy you would want to be threatening your life. The file notes that he both pays off reporters and "will seriously and relentless threaten whoever is responsible for unfavorable coverage." Duh! Well uh, he's not really brutal, is he?

- To make an example of a member, Goto will beat that person in front of peers, or force the person's peers to dole out the punishment...

-They do not hesitate to take extreme measures or take into account the other people involved when it comes to planning an attack/ reprisal. They will act in the presence of women and/ or children, forcing them to watch gruesome, violent acts so that afterwards they will not file criminal complaints, etc.