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While most of you are no doubt well-acquainted with the Hollywood Walk of Fame—that urine-glazed tribute to some of the most beloved celebrities of the modern era, and Ryan Seacrest—you might not be aware that America's maple-shingled roof has a Walk of Fame of its very own. Established in Toronto a decade ago as a place where tourists and proud Canadians alike could gather to marvel at how tiny Rich Little's hands and feet are, Canada's Walk of Fame is, quite characteristically, much tidier and far less impressive than its inspiration. Still, none could deny that is has grown in the ensuing years into the definitive monument to Canadians Who Left Canada To Achieve Actual Success in the United States.

We honestly thought there was no way their committee could outdo last year's induction for raw star-power—a dazzling display of northern lights that included Brendan Fraser, Pamela Anderson, Eugene Levy, Paul Shaffer, Robert Goulet, and Alex Trebek. We were right. Having shot their famous-Canadians load with that illustrious group, they were left with Manitoba-native Frances Bay, aka the Seinfeld marble-rye-mugging victim, whose inclusion was the direct result of a 10,000 person online petition. Also inducted this year is Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash, who, in yet another strange connection to Seinfeld, hails from a city in Saskatchewan that rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. Rounding out the group are The Kids in the Hall, kd lang, and director James Cameron, who was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, and about whom Michael Bay noted upon learning of the honor, "I always just knew there was something vaguely fruity about that guy." Congratulations to all the inductees. You can go back home now: the Loonie is Queen!