Julia Allison wasn't always a Star talking head making six figures with a reality show in the works. Back in 2006, she was just a struggling dating columnist who had the good (or bad) fortune to show up at our publisher's Halloween party, wearing a dress made out of condoms. We've charted the traffic of all Julia-related posts, and her popularity appears to be waning—she seems to have peaked in January.) After the jump, the traffic spikes explained by our statisticians Richard Blakeley and Nick McGlynn.

Traffic Spike #1:
Gawker Pinup Gallery: Julia Allison and Brooke Parkhurst.
Feb. 14, 2007

Traffic Spike #2:
Can You Tell That A Woman Is Single And Unlaid Just From Her Apartment?
Jul. 25, 2007

Traffic Spike #3:
Julia Allison To Answer Readers' Questions Right Here
Jan. 2, 2008