The editor of gay mag Genre is a lover of both men and women, a rocker, an editor/consultant, and now... a fighter. While stepping in to defend gay rights against some meatheads at a bar the other night, he fought valiantly but still got a beatdown! "I hate bullies," Neal tells us. "But I hate homophobic bullies even more so I stepped in. Got my ass kicked but at least I gave the bastard a good fight he won't forget." An account of the fight from a tipster:

"I was at my bar American Trash last night and Neal Boulton was there. One of the usual meatheads got wasted and picked a fight with a guy he thought was a fag. He called him a fag. and some guy who we figured out later was Neil stepped in and gave the guy who called the gay guy a fag a major pounding out on the sidewalk. Boulton got hit pretty hard but slugged back big time. It was nothing till we realized who was fighting who and that Neal is gay and all. Dude had balls. The cops came but Neal had already fled on his bike [probably his motorcycle - Ed]. The guy's got some balls man. The guy he beat down was DOWN as in down for the count, too. fuck!"

Man, that story is good—almost suspiciously so! But seriously, Neal can defend our honor any day.