Just who the hell is Olivia Palermo? We know she might be featured in a new reality series, but foreal, who the eff is she? No, seriously, we're asking. Or, at least gossip's ancient second fiddle, Cindy Adams, is. She writes today in her cute little dirty that the Post is kind enough to print: "Someone named Olivia Palermo was reported somewhere saying some thing about somebody someplace. Also this Olivia Palermo, while pirouetting at the drop of a red-carpet camera, was quoted saying she loves vintage clothes. I want to know who the hell is this person who does nothing for a living yet gets considered a something?" Oh! Good question! It's like the time Barbara Walters demanded an explanation of Kim Kardashian. From Kim Kardashian. We'll try to elucidate for Adams after the jump.

Who the hell is "socialite" Olivia Palermo?