The creepy sexual compulsive has slept with 146 women (probably 147 by the time this post goes up)—and his layguide has been circulating the internet for a while. Now there's an e-book, for the low price of $39.95! (Looks like his proposal finally succeeded, sort of.) He describes himself on the promotional website for The Attraction Formula as a "legendary New York Playboy"—don't push your luck, Paul—and says he used to spend "many nights going to bed ALONE and waking up in an EMPTY bed. I felt DISCONNECTED from women and I didn't know what to do about it... So if you're not already VERY successful with women, it's NOT YOUR FAULT..." No, but the unintentionally hilarious table of contents definitely are his fault. (Example: "Case Study: I'm Not Ready to be Physical, Right Now.")

I should mention the e-book's free 7-day trial.
[Attraction Formula]