The Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced next month, and the "For Your Consideration..." ads are in full beg mode. Will William Shatner and James Spader get their 110th nominations? And what of Kelsey Grammer, late of the sorta-okay-but-canceled Back to You? Will Sideshow Bob become one of lady Emmy's most winningest? Magazines like Entertainment Weekly have already run articles listing their ideal Emmy nominees, so we thought we'd follow suit. How about some love for The Paper? And what of the criminally (heh) overlooked The Wire? After the jump find some (maybe out-there) suggestions for each of the Big 10 categories.

Best Actress, Comedy
Yes on Tina Fey, yes on Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. They're locks, as are one or two of the housewives who are desperate and Bettys who are ugly. Why not go a little outside the box and nominate Greek's Spencer Grammer, who delivers funny jokes about college booze and Joey Fatone with aplomb. The show deserves some recognition for being consistently good.

Best Actor, Comedy
Though not technically eligible, Thomas Lennon deserves recognition for anchoring Reno: 911! (as do the ladies). In terms of performances that could actually be nominated, why not Bret McKenzie or Jemaine Clement, who are sweet and weird and wonderful on HBO's Flight of the Conchords? They could do a musical acceptance speech!

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy
I'd love to see Conchords' Kristen "Mel" Schaal get a nod for being a deceptively sweet stalker, but I think The Office's Melora Hardin most deserves the recognition. For the dinner party episode alone, in which she danced soulfully to terrible music and passive-aggressively (and later flat-out aggressively) waged war with Michael, Hardin should get every accolade in the book.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy
Tracy Morgan, Tracy Morgan, Tracy Morgan. Funniest man on television right now, for my money. Seemingly about to spin-off the planet at any time, without warning, the 30 Rock star brings much needed batshit insanity to the usually buttoned-up world of network sitcoms.

Best Actress, Drama
Jeanne Tripplehorn will hopefully get the nomination (and win) that she deserves for her astounding, sad, thoughtful work on Big Love. Would also be nice to see The Hills' Audrina Patridge, who brought a melancholy stillness to her Audrina character this season.

Best Actor, Drama
Unfortunately, there were no good performances ever on HBO's The Wire, so there shouldn't be any nominations from that show. (Maybe reverse psychology will work!) That dude from Mad Men will probably get a nomination and win. Oh, and I guess that Kyle Chandler fellow from that show with the whiniest supporters, Friday Night Lights.

Best Supporting Actress, Drama
Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter is funny and warm and smart on that funny and cold and calculating series. I'd also give a nomination to Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer, who has deftly played a zillion different iterations of the same Cylon over the years. Oh and give one to Yunjin Kim from Lost, if only for that wrenching keening during the season finale's helicopter rescue scene.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama
BSG's Tahmoh Penikett should get a nomination just so I can see him on the red carpet in a tuxedo. Again, it's a pity there weren't good actors on The Wire. Surely there must be some murderous, scarred, whistling black fellow or slimy police official who is deserving? No? There isn't? OK, fair enough.

Best Comedy
I'd love to see The Paper up there. Witty, winning, and all-too-brief, the MTV reality series about a Floridian high school newspaper depicted, with both humor and kindness, the daily miseries of youthful conviction. Or, since we're tearing down the reality wall here, what about TLC's Little People, Big World, a thoroughly engrossing (and funny) study of nothing less than the American dream.

Best Drama

So, that's who I'd like to see. Among many others, of course. Actually, fuck it. Just give Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester all of the Emmys.

Who would you nominate? What's one perennial nominee or critics' darling that just irks you? Mine would be Rescue Me. And, um, Boston Legal.