One of Apple's greatest strengths has always been the clean design and memorable branding of its products. Which makes this logo for its new MobileMe internet service all the more surprising. Why? Because it looks like a Windows knockoff, and it sucks, frankly. Rod Townsend, who wonders if this is "the worst logo in the history of Mac," has a few thoughts: It "Looks like a poor cousin of the Intel logo." It "Needs to cut down on the carbs." It "Looks like something Cindy McCain would hang in a child's nursery." Hey, we can play too! Apple's new MobileMe logo:

  • Is being chased by Bubble Boy
  • Should be on a package of Japanese soap. Cheap Japanese soap.
  • Looks like the nameplate on a friendly child robot.
  • Would make a poor tattoo.
  • Would be removed, if it was in sticker form.
  • Would work better on a line of female-targeted snowblowers.
  • Secretly sniffs glue.

We really expect more from your genius branding people, Steve Jobs.

(You all can play, too!)

[Manhattan Offender]